What is a Briard?

The Briard is a French sheepdog with a long, wavy coat.  There are three coat colours – black, fawn and slate grey.  The Briard is a big, rugged, sturdy dog, gay and lively with a fearless temperament but with no trace of timidity or aggressiveness.  They are a very intelligent breed, good with children and responsive to firm handling and training.  Briards can sometimes be seen as quite slow to learn but once they have grasped what is required of them, they never forget it.  They are also very good at ‘trying it on’ and know exactly how far they can push the boundaries.  Often described as a ‘heart wrapped up in fur’, Briards are extremely loyal to their owners and they love to be just with you.  However, a word of caution - they are not big teddy bears – they are boisterous and unless a puppy is sensibly trained they will grow into an unmanageable adult dog who is the master rather than the other way round.

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